Thursday, February 26, 2015

Expansion into Liam, Cambodia, and Updates from the Ministry Center in Sompovloun

 It's been way too long since I've updated this blog, so I hope you enjoy seeing some current photos!!  Kristin and Sarah have moved to Liam - about one hour south of the ministry center - to begin church planting in that area.  The church in Sompovloun came the first Sunday and we worshiped together in their new home.

Church members arriving in Liam

 Sarah and Kristin in front of their new home in Liam

Worshiping together

Pastor Sophan sharing communion with the body of Christ.

The new look in front of the ministry center in Sompovloun.  We had the front filled in with dirt to make more of the front usable and for safety.

Behind the ministry center one of the church members has planted lemon grass to grow to sell.

Bananas for feeding the goats

Moringa trees producing pods both for eating as well as planting more trees.

Aquaponics is making headway.  The vegetables are used by several families at the ministry center, and soon the fish that are connected with this system will be sold for income for the center.

The newest project at the center is using goat manure to make organic fertilizer.  This is providing income for this woman as well as the ministry center.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


August 21st - September 2nd, a prayer walking team will be joining us in western Cambodia. Even though you may not be able to physically join us, we would like to invite you to to be a part of our team as you pray with us - no matter where you are in the world!!  We will also have Cambodian national believers prayer walking with us whenever possible.

Here is a daily schedule of our activities and prayer points.  Feel free to print these prayer items so you have them handy each day.  Share them with your church and prayer partners if you know anyone that wants to join us in prayer. Please remember that Thailand and Cambodia are 12 hours ahead of Central Time, and 14 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Aug. 21st: US team departs from Seattle to Phnom Penh.  Gayle and Glenn leave Bangkok for Phnom Penh.  Please pray:
  ~for God's peace to surround the team as they depart....for safety as they travel....and for good rest as they fly.
  ~for all the logistics of these 10 days - travel by airplane, motorcycle, tuk-tuk, van and by foot - for safety, as well as the ability to make all the connections we need to.
  ~for the different locations we will sleep at night.

Aug 22nd: US team arrives into Phnom Penh mid-day.  We will get the team settled into the guesthouse and orient them a bit to the area.  Please pray:
  ~that they will adjust to the heat, sleep well at night in spite of jet lag, and have energy and strength each day.
  ~Pray that each of us will adjust our "sight" to God's view instead of our own.

Aug 23rd: We will continue to orient the team to Phnom Penh and to the country of Cambodia.  In the afternoon we will have a team meeting and time of prayer together for our week ahead.  Please pray:
  ~that the team will bond well together and be able to work well together.
  ~that God will even now be preparing people for us to meet as we pray walk through western Cambodia....that God's Spirit will soften hearts and cause them to be seeking after Him and desiring to know HIM.

Aug. 24th: We will leave Phnom Penh at 4:30 AM for Sompovloun, Cambodia. Please pray:
  ~for safety as we travel the 8 hours to western Cambodia.  We hope to arrive in time to attend church at the ministry center.  
  ~that the team will have a sense of "oneness" in Christ - even though the language will be a barrier to understanding.

Aug. 25th: We will share together on "prayer walking" and looking for a "person of peace" with the team.  Then we will pray walk nearby in Sasada.  In the afternoon we plan to travel to Ou Thmaa and pray walk there.  Please pray:  
  ~for safety as we travel to locations to pray.  
  ~that God will direct us to people that are seeking after Him, and have opportunities to share stories from God's Word of the "One" who created them and died for them.
  ~that our almighty God - who controls the wind and the rain - will cover us and protect us each day during prayer walking times in spite of the monsoon rains.
  ~pray for our Cambodian prayer partners as they will be key for communication for many on the team.  Pray that THEIR lives would be changed as well.  Pray that they will be listening to the Lord and speaking and sharing HIS Word with those we meet whenever HE directs them to.

Aug 26th: Leave at 6AM for Pailin.  We will stop and pray walk through Kabin and Liam along the way.  Please pray:
  ~that we will see through God's eyes....hear HIS HIS divine appointments....listen to HIM as we walk and pray and then debrief together.
  ~continue to pray for God's protection from the rain.
  ~***this is our major prayer walking focus as we seek God to know where He wants Kristin and Sarah to locate in western Cambodia.  

Aug 27th: Pray walk through Pailin.  Please continue praying the same as yesterday.

Aug. 28th: Return to Sompovloun in the morning.  In the afternoon Jeff and Betsy will begin a three day session on marriage for the local church, and Sarah and Kristin will share on singleness.  Please pray:
  ~for God's words to be spoken and taught
  ~that HIS SPIRIT will work in lives and transform them
  ~for accurate translation for Sopheap as Jeff and Betsy teach, and for courage and language ability for Sarah and Kristin as they teach in Khmer.
  ~Please pray that these Biblical truths on marriage and singleness will bring healing to families as well as singles as they walk day by day as God's children.

Aug. 29th: We will pray walk through Kilometers 11, 12, and 13 Villages in the morning.  The afternoon time will be the second marriage and singleness session.  Please continue to pray the above requests.

Aug 30th: The morning will be spent prayer walking around the ministry center and land, and praying over Sophan and Sopheap.  In the afternoon we will have the final session on marriage and singleness.  Please pray:
  ~this will be a time of healing for Sophan and Sopheap with the recent loss of Gideon....that God will anoint them as ministers of the Gospel there in Sompovloun with HIS power, HIS strength, and HIS wisdom.
  ~that many would find the Lord Jesus through the ministry done in and out of the ministry center....that every aspect of every activity would be for HIS glory and honor....that God would accomplish His purposes.
  ~pray for entire families to come to faith....and then share their faith with their neighbors and extended family
  ~pray for hearts to be moved and changed by the power of God's Spirit.  Pray that people would confess their sin if their spouse as God intends...and stay pure in singleness.

Aug. 31st: Kristin and Sarah, Michael and Mathew (Kristin and Sarah's brothers) will all leave for Phnom Penh.  Jeff, Betsy and Gayle will travel to Bangkok.   Please pray:
  ~for safety for everyone as they travel all day by land, and then later as they fly back to the US.
  ~Pray that this time of prayer walking will not only be transforming for western Cambodia, but also for each one of us on the team.  Pray that each of us will leave these 10 days as different people - changed more into HIS likeness....drawing deeper and closer with HIM.
  ~give praise and glory to God for all that HE accomplished during this prayer walking and teaching times.  

"Father, thank you for the opportunity to serve you in Cambodia.  Prepare us - your team- for all that YOU have planned.  We pray that we will be the "aroma of Christ" through everything we do each day.  We pray that Jesus would be seen in us, and the love of Jesus expressed through us.  May your name be great in the streets and homes of western Cambodia!!  Anoint our lips and prepare our hearts that we might be prepared to give the reason for the hope that we have in You....with gentleness and respect.

Father, may our faith in YOU grow and mature through this time.  Shape us into Christlikeness....empower us by Your Spirit to do this work you are calling us to do.  May we keep our eyes fixed on Your face, Lord.  We pray that this week of serving together will further unify your people, and to further your kingdom.  May those we serve see how we love You and love one another, and may their hearts be drawn to You.  May Jesus be exalted and darkness pushed back in His mighty name...for Your glory and Your honor!! Amen!!

Thank you so much for joining our prayer team for Cambodia!!

In His Joy,

Friday, March 14, 2014

More photos from Gideon's funeral

Inside the ministry center

Preparing for the procession to the gravesite

Walking through the fields to the gravesite

Putting the casket in the grave

White sheets to cover Gideon to signify purity and Gideon's presence in heaven.

In the grave

Final preparations

Thank you once again for everyone's prayers, love, concern and giving through Gideon's illness.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

VBS 2013

 Thanks so much for your prayers for VBS!  Here are some photos and highlights of our week:

                        Pei teaching the Bible lesson using flannel graph.            

Sewing project with the girls - hand sewing squares to make a pillow.

Some girls didn't quite finish, but they were very close.  Here is the almost final product!

The boys made tool boxes.

It's amazing there have never been any accidents from using the saws!

One boy's decorated final product!

Baptism of one young man from the village.

....and another baptism!  Praise God!

Betsy taught the young adults two of the afternoons.  The lesson theme was holiness.

English lessons in the afternoons got interrupted by the goats going through the yard!

Painting the ministry center was another afternoon project.  It was an all team effort!

Painting was both inside and outside of the ministry center.

The youth enjoying time of worship together.  You can also see the final product of the inside painting!

Our final evening meal out with Sopheap and Ezra.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pray for VBS 2013 - Theme: the Fruit of the Spirit!


VBS 2013 will be here soon, and we'd love to have as many people involved as we can!!  Even if you can't physically join the team, would you commit to praying for us?  We do really need it!! We want to see Jesus glorified in everything that we do.

Here is a daily schedule of our activities with the team.  Please remember that Thailand and Cambodia are 12 hours ahead of Central Time, and 14 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Aug. 21st: Our team - Jeff, Betsy, Kevin, Liz and Matthew depart from Seattle.  Overseas departures can sometimes be stressful and hectic, so please pray for God's peace to surround the team as they leave.

Aug 22nd: Team arrives in Bangkok at 11:45PM!!  It's a really long flight to Asia.  Please pray for the team as they travel....for rest...and safety.  Please pray that they will get a good first night of sleep in Bangkok, and recover quickly from jet lag.

Aug. 23rd: We will have some orientation for the team and take care of any final details of preparation for the VBS.  We will also take some time to pray as a team together for the week ahead.  We plan to do a little sightseeing in Bangkok....and also hope to visit Gideon and Sophan in the hospital!!  Please pray this will be a team bonding and building time.

Aug. 24th: Sightseeing and team building in Bangkok continues.....

Please pray for Sarah and Kristin today as they travel from Phnom Penh to join the VBS team!! This will be an adventure for them to navigate their first travel to the province.  Please pray for safe travel for them to Sasada where we will be staying.  It will be all day travel for them.

Aug. 25th: Please pray for safe travel for the team today to Cambodia.  We will plan to leave Bangkok at 5AM, and Lord willing will arrive in Cambodia in time for afternoon Sunday worship.  Please pray for a sense of "oneness" as we worship - even though the team won't understand what is sung or shared.  We will also take time to finalize VBS activities with the Khmer team that is helping.

Aug. 26th-29th, VBS will be held in Sasada.  We are planning on 20 girls and 20 boys. 

Prayer Requests: 

-Please pray for Pei as she teaches the Bible lesson each day on the Fruit of the Spirit, and leads the memory verse and singing time.  This is the first time for her to do this as Pastor Sophan is usually here and leads the lesson time.  Pray that her words will be the Lord's....and pray that God's Spirit will pierce the hearts of the children with His Light - as well as the adults that stand around and listen.  Pray for Pei and the other Khmer helpers (Thal and Dee) to be energized by God working in THEM and through them....strengthening them.  Our national helpers are the ones that can speak directly to the students.  Pray that their words and actions would be pleasing and honoring to the Lord, speaking clearly how to believe and trust Christ as Saviour.

-Please pray that the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth will control the rain.  We will be holding the VBS outside under trees and sitting on tarps out in the open.  The crops need the monsoon rains, so we are asking for prayer for God's timing with the rains; that the farmers get what is needed for a great crop, but that the rains won't interfere in our travel or for the VBS activities.  God has so amazingly done this each year and we praise and thank Him for that...and pray the same for another year.

- Please pray for the children that come....that they would be attentive and listen to the Bible lessons.....that God's Spirit will work in their hearts to draw them to Himself.   These children do not attend church, but Thal has been teaching them as she has been able to, since the last VBS.  Pray that these kids will grow in their knowledge of the Lord and put their faith and trust in Him.  We also pray they will have fun this week and enjoy the activities.

- Please pray for God's protective Hand over all the activities.  Pray that everyone who comes will sense that this is a safe place....a place to learn and know about God.  Pray that the enemy would not be able to disrupt anything that God has planned for this week.

- Please pray for the team to have the energy and strength to work effectively in the heat, and adjust to culture and climactic changes.  Pray for good sleep each night.  Pray that the team will love the kids and be able to communicate the love of the Lord to them - even though they don't speak the same language!!  Pray for good health for each team member....and also for safety as we travel by motorcycle every day.

-We normally hold a closing program at the end of the VBS and invite the parents to attend to see what the kids have learned during the week of VBS.  Last year, not one parent came to the closing time in Sasada!!  Please pray that God will bring family members that HE is calling....that seeds will be planted of the Gospel.  Pray that they will desire to know Him.  Pray that God's Light will shine in Sasada, that many will come to know Him as a result of His working through the VBS.

Aug 30 & 31: We will hold afternoon sessions for the young adults.  The US team has prepared Bible lessons on holiness to share with these YA.  We will also have a time of singing and worship, playing games together and working on some English language skills.

Prayer Requests:  

-Please pray that God - by His Spirit - will touch the hearts of these YAs.  Pray that God will bring each person that HE wants there....and that they will learn how to please God by their lives, grow in their faith, and be convicted of areas of their lives that don't please the Lord!  Please pray for Sopheap as she translates the Bible lesson that the team has prepared - for clarity and understanding.

-All through the week of VBS we will also be prayer walking and painting the ministry center. Please pray that even through these activities that God will be glorified....for safety for the team....and for God to work in and through each of us through all that we do.

Sept 1st: Please pray for safety in travel as the team returns to Bangkok, and Sarah and Kristin return to Phnom Penh.  In the evening we will have a time of worship together, debriefing, and prayer.  Please pray for the team as they process all that they saw, heard, and did.  Pray that it will have lasting impact on THEIR lives and they will leave Thailand changed people.

Sept. 2nd: Leave for the US early morning flight.  Pray for safety in travel - and for rest.  Pray for their re-entry back to the US.  Give praise, thanks and glory to the Lord for all that HE did and for His provision and care.

"Father, thank you for the opportunity that you are giving us to serve you in Cambodia.  Prepare us- your team - for acts of love and good deeds.  We pray that we will be the "aroma of Christ" through all that is done each day.  Father, may our faith in YOU grow and mature through this time of service.  Shape us into Christlikeness...empower us by Your Spirit to do this work you are calling us to do....and may we keep our eyes fixed on Your face, Lord Jesus.  We pray, Lord, that Jesus would be seen in us, and the love of Jesus expressed through us.  May your name be great in the streets and homes throughout Sompovloun!!  Anoint our lips and prepare our hearts that we might be prepared to give the reason for the hope that we have....with gentleness and respect.  Use this week of serving together to further unify your people, and to further your kingdom.  May those we serve see how we love You and love one another, and may their hearts be drawn to You.  May Jesus be exalted and darkness pushed back in His mighty name!!

Father, we pray that the seeds of the Gospel that are sown in Sompovloun be watered by Your Spirit and produce an eternal harvest!!  Bless each member of the team with the presence of Jesus.  May many come to know YOU, oh Lord, Amen!!"

Thank you so much for joining our team by committing this work and these people to the Lord in prayer!!

In His Joy,

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It's been wonderful to watch the church in Kilometer 13 Village take responsibility on their own for Sunday worship.  With Pastor Sophan away helping care for Gideon in Bangkok, the church continues to meet together for worship - and they are growing and maturing!  Several people take turns sharing something with the group from Scripture.  The young adults meet later in the afternoon and their worship (as is typical of many churches) is very lively and loud!  They have developed some musical abilities and now have a group of two electric guitars and keyboard to accompany worship.  Here is a short video from this past Sunday:

It was very encouraging to hear many young adults sharing what God was teaching them through Scripture.  Please continue to pray for the church in Sompovloun - that they will continue to grow in their faith and be on fire to share it with their families and those God brings into their lives.

Monday, July 1, 2013


It's amazing to me that it's been six months since I updated this blog!!  So much has happened with Gideon and his diagnosis with leukemia, that all efforts have been focused there....and keeping HIS blog updated regularly!!  As things are settling down with him a bit and everyone is learning how to deal with new life changes, I had a chance to return to Sompovloun this past week.  It was a great time to reconnect with everyone, and I hope to submit several postings on this blog over the next few days to give you a glimpse of what has been happening.

It was amazing to see the roads completed!!  There are actual road signs directing traffic...and lane markers painted in the middle of the road!  That is certainly reducing the dust factor and making travel so much easier.  With the rainy season upon us the roads are no longer flooded and no longer deep with mud taking hours to travel.  Here are some photos from Kilometer 13 Village: