Thursday, February 26, 2015

Expansion into Liam, Cambodia, and Updates from the Ministry Center in Sompovloun

 It's been way too long since I've updated this blog, so I hope you enjoy seeing some current photos!!  Kristin and Sarah have moved to Liam - about one hour south of the ministry center - to begin church planting in that area.  The church in Sompovloun came the first Sunday and we worshiped together in their new home.

Church members arriving in Liam

 Sarah and Kristin in front of their new home in Liam

Worshiping together

Pastor Sophan sharing communion with the body of Christ.

The new look in front of the ministry center in Sompovloun.  We had the front filled in with dirt to make more of the front usable and for safety.

Behind the ministry center one of the church members has planted lemon grass to grow to sell.

Bananas for feeding the goats

Moringa trees producing pods both for eating as well as planting more trees.

Aquaponics is making headway.  The vegetables are used by several families at the ministry center, and soon the fish that are connected with this system will be sold for income for the center.

The newest project at the center is using goat manure to make organic fertilizer.  This is providing income for this woman as well as the ministry center.

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